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Gaming Keyboard SG720G

△with gaming driver, can be user-defined

△with 5 G keys and 4 M keys

With WIN/APP-LOCK and ALL-KEY-LOCK function, withWIN/APP-LOCK indicator

With backlit (4 shift brightness), backlit color is optional

△with 0.4mm thickness steel board inside it

△10 minutes smart sleeping

  • Product introduction
  • Detailed parameters
Product Gaming keyboard with driver
OS  Windows98/XP/2000/ME/Vistar/Win7/Win8, MAC system, etc.
 Key No. 104/105/106/109 keys available
Driver  with driver, each key function can be user-defined.
Macro key 11 groups (G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, LNS, HOME, PGUP, DEL, END, PGDN)
Mode key 4 groups (M1, M2, M3, M4)
Backlit available (FN+ESC=to adjust the brightness, FN+TAB=to change the backlit color for keyboard with multiplebacklit color)
WIN/APP-LOCK available (FN+F12)
Anti-gosting keys 16 anti-gosting keys
Indicator 4 indicators (Num lock, Caps lock, Scroll Lock, Win Lock)
Multimedia function available (FN+F1-F11)
Operating force 55±10g
Travel distance 3±0.2mm
Mian material ABS+HIPS+rubber
Operating currency 3mA
Operating voltage DC3V
Dimension 458*200*30mm
N.W.  700g